Top 23 B2B Marketing Statistics for 2021

Marketing is constantly evolving. Strategies need to adapt to new trends, tactics, and technology.

The turmoil of 2020 started covid forced many of us into remote working and made most businesses go online.

It gave marketers a chance to spruce up their marketing strategies and opt for more digital marketing techniques. 

Although many were thrown off because of the uncertainty of covid-19, eventually everyone found a way to adapt.

Some chose to pause their marketing campaigns, some cut back on purchases and hiring. 

Over the past year, the demand for content marketers has increased significantly by over 17,000 openings on the largest job portals online.

It means that marketers have been pivoting their strategies and relying on digital content for maintaining client relationships and lead generation.

The Content Marketing Institute’s B2B Marketing Trends Report found that 94% of marketers changed their content marketing strategy because of the pandemic. 

Here are the Top 23 B2B Marketing Statistics for 2021

  1. 89% of B2B buyers research information about their potential purchases through the internet.  - Google 

  2. Only 82% of Marketers actively use a content marketing strategy. - HubSpot

  3. 42% of B2B buyers use mobile during their purchasing process. - Google

  4. The majority of marketers find that SEO and an optimized website help them achieve their marketing goals. - HubSpot

  5. About 89% of all B2B emails are sent from the company name - SuperOffice

  6. The MQL to SQL Conversion Rate for webinars is 17.8% and 31.3& for Website Leads. - Salesforce

  7. Social Media is used in some form or other by over 95% B2B Marketers- CMI

  8. About 17% of companies do not run marketing campaigns. - HubSpot

  9. 84% of B2B executives use social media in their buying decision process.- LeadSpace

  10. Only 3% out of 74% of B2B marketers always achieve their defined goals.- CoSchedule

  11. 68% of HR Buyers only read or download between 2-10 sources of information when researching a purchase. CorporateLeaders Communication

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  12. In 2021, 70% of marketers report using Account-Based Marketing. - HubSpot

  13.  About 69% of people mark emails as spam after reading the subject line. - Invesp

  14. About 29% of Google Searchers only visit one page from the search results.   - Backlinko

  15. About 69% of marketers invested in SEO in 2021. - HubSpot

  16. B2B Content Marketers create 67.4% Top-Of-the-Funnel content, 27.9% middle of the funnel content, and 4.7% bottom of the funnel content. - Databox

  17. Increasing Brand Awareness is the top marketing priority for 19% of B2B Marketers.- HubSpot

  18. 47% of HR buyers say that finding a vendor they can trust is one of their biggest challenges. -CorporateLeaders Communication

  19. The average conversion rate from Lead to Opportunity (another way of saying MQL to SQL) was 13% and took an average of 84 days to convert. - Implisit

  20. 58% of companies use automation for Task Management, 42% for Content Automation, and 31% for ChatBots.- HubSpot

  21. About 4 out of 5 B2B leads come through LinkedIn- LinkedIn

  22. In 2021, 77% of marketers reported seeing more engagement with email over the past year- HubSpot

  23. 5-6% of the entire purchasing process is spent with a sales rep.- CorporateLeaders Communication

Wrapping Up

After a year of unforeseen events, B2B Marketing in 2021 is based more on personalization than it has ever been. 

This is our roundup of top B2B marketing statistics for 2021 covers all the marketing areas from Content Marketing, Lead Pool Marketing, Marketing Automation to Email Marketing. 

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