The Importance of Video Marketing in B2B

Videos have become an integral part of our lives, with computers and smartphones making it much easier to access and view them. 

We find videos as the most convenient way of communicating and understanding information.

According to Wyzowl, over 86% of businesses have started using video marketing as part of their marketing strategies. 93% of marketers consider videos as an important part of their strategies.

A recent study by HubSpot also shows that four out of the top six social media channels have the highest number of global users who watch videos. 

Why is Video Marketing Important? And what are the important factors of Video Marketing?

With millions of minutes of videos being watched every day, video marketing has proved to be more effective in increasing brand awareness, sales, and ROI. 

An average user will watch a 2-minute video, only if it is relevant and well it is scripted. 

However, many factors influence the importance of great video marketing:

  • Storytelling Videos: Each business sells a product, but how can a product sell itself is only through stories.

    A successful digital marketing strategy knows how to reach the user, but the expected conversion and success rate can only take place when videos are entertaining and not interrupting.

    Many Brands already use storytelling to talk about their brand story, share reviews/testimonials to generate a good user base and that does not only mean acquiring new users but also retaining current users.

  • The important first 8 seconds of the videos: The golden seconds for a perfect video are the initial 6-8 seconds.

    The seconds do move at a very fast pace, but it is important to tell the conclusion of your video in the first seconds as it decides if the user finds it engaging and will have an uninterrupted experience.

  • Attractive Thumbnail:  A thumbnail can be anything that shows what your video is all about, but the important thing is to keep the users hooked to it, which can only happen with a high quality, attractive and engaging thumbnail.

    Thumbnails are the first impression of your video, and an attractive and engaging thumbnail increases play rates.

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  • Target Audience: If you are a Facebook Marketing pro, you can nail your video marketing strategy. Facebook is the most popular social media platform on social media, which consists of 2.6 billion active users monthly.

    It is important to study your audience as well as your competitor’s audience and set preferences according to that in terms of age, gender, location, languages, and the most important aspect of Interest.

  • Subtitles: Adding a subtitle to your video, has more chances of being viewed, this can help overcome language barriers, or when watching a video with audio is not possible.  

    It increases the chances of engagement, as subtitles make sure that your video is heard and seen.

  • Include CTA’s: Including CTA’s can help optimize your content for better lead generation, but it should not always be directed towards sales.

    You can choose to add CTA’s for subscribing to your channel, raising a query through forms, or checking out other content. 

    Studies have shown that most businesses prefer using CTA’s at the end of the video, rather than at the start or the middle of the video.

  • Optimizing your videos for SEO: It is important to optimize your video content to reach a wider audience.

    Your videos should be optimized for SEO with intent-based keywords, engaging titles, and descriptions.

Top 4 Digital Video Tools for your next Video Marketing Campaign

  1. Biteable: It allows you to pick video templates, edit, design, and share your videos.

    You can create animated videos, Videos for Ads, Videos for client testimonials and reviews, Video Presentations, and much more.

  2. Animaker: You can make presentation videos, explainer videos, 2D videos, photo videos, music videos, etc. on Animaker.

  3. Vidyard: It’s a free video screen recording chrome extension tool, that allows you to create video screen recordings for explainer videos, account-based marketing, product demos, customer service, virtual selling, etc.

    You can create, edit, share and host your videos through the tool.

  4. Vimeo: With Vimeo, you can live-stream, screen record, create attractive and engaging videos, host ad-free videos, and create a video library.

    You can also access their licensed stock footage for your videos.

Wrapping Up

Video Marketing is one of the most popular marketing techniques to promote your brand.

It’s also one of the most effective ways to educate your audience about your product and build brand awareness.

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