How to scale your B2B Sales Pipeline with Digital Marketing

Many find B2B marketing beneficial in the long run for two reasons.

  1. Bigger Profits
  2. Chance to stand out as an industry leader.

But How?

A B2C marketing funnel starts with brand strategizing around viral & enjoyable content that offers easy and quick solutions. 

These campaigns are focused on reaching a larger audience with a product that is affordable.

If I talk about a strategic marketing play in the B2C space, a good example would be Red Bull, where they placed empty Red Bull cans near DJ consoles, bars, tables, and in bins of specific clubs that catered to their targeted demographic.

This one strategic move helped Red Bull change their image from being just a sports drink.

However, B2B marketing funnels focus on fostering relationships with their audience by empathizing with their pain points and offering a solution through engaging content (audio, video, blogs, infographics, and events.) to gain trust with their company, product, and solution.

Businesses and Digital Marketing

In the past year, every business has had to rethink its marketing and focus on digital. From the local florist to professional services firms.

In-person activities are now taking place online.

Therapists who never talked about different types of mental health issues online are now mental health experts and influencers on social media.

And they do it for only two reasons; Building Trust and Being Relevant

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Digital Marketing Techniques that can scale your B2B Sales Pipeline

You’re already catering to your target audience through emails, infographics, blogs, and digital events.

But what else can you do?

1. Focus on SEO

An SEO audit can help you identify risks and threats to your website and provide insights for improvement.

Running an audit can help you analyze potential content gaps between you and your competitor’s website, identify toxic backlinks that can help you create a powerful content marketing plan with the help of comprehensive keyword research.

The audit can also help you in improving your website’s technical and on-page issues so that it appears optimized for both users and search engines.

2. Social Media is an Asset

Even though you are targeting business executives. You can always find potential clients through social media.

Using social media to share insights through infographics, blogs, virtual events, and videos can help you reach your target audience at scale. It’s also an asset for your product and building trust and visibility.

3. PPC and Social Media Ads are Not Dead

You can also run strategic Pay-per-click and Social media Ads (Facebook, Linked In, YouTube Ads) to reach your target audience faster than cold calling and emails – yes there are some that still do that!.  

The ads can be creative and persuasive text or video that can make your product stand out. Giving your audience a reason why they should trust your brand.

Bottom Line

B2B products are high-cost items that can sell better through different digital marketing tactics like hosting free webinars, building relationships through email marketing, omnichannel marketing, chatbots, video advertising, and many other digital trends.

You only need to pick the right challenges and trends that align with your brand.


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