How Lead Pool will Transform HR Marketing Lead Generation

Lead Pool Marketing is a brand new community-based marketing concept from CorporateLeaders that is designed to create your own community of buyers, entirely free from noisy competitors trying to push their product.

You already know the HR concept of a ‘talent pool’: creating and nurturing a cadre of prospective employees, even corporate alumni, via online channels.

This builds a pipeline of talent that can be turned on or off as the need arises.

Lead Pool℠ does exactly the same for HR Service Provider clients. Inside the Lead Pool community, you nurture relationships and build trust with hand-picked decision-makers.

As an HR executive will tell you, they are digitally rich yet time-poor.

Despite the plethora of HR Service options out there, most HR buyers (68%) only have time to read or download between 2-10 information sources when researching a purchase.

For (equally overworked) HR Service Providers, this causes a major challenge for lead generation.

Well, You might be wondering...


How do you grab the attention of HR Buyers in the few minutes of their time available?

Traditional marketing strategies were primarily based on the whole concept of: ‘grabbing’ attention with bright, loud, flashy campaigns.

But in a market full of noise and advanced digital utilization, it is too easy to switch off and zone out – part of the problem, not the solution.

What executives want now is added value: a trusted source of help and information.

A quiet backwater away from all the noise, where they can find what they need.


Is The Lead Pool Marketing Funnel an answer to this problem?

Bottom Line? Yes

The ‘marketing funnel’ is a traditional visual for understanding the process of turning leads into customers.

Like a funnel, marketers begin with a wide mass-market approach to capture as many leads as possible, and then slowly nurture prospective customers, losing many along the way, until some are captured as customers at the end.

“The first stage of the funnel is awareness. This is where people who have a certain problem get to know about your product, company, or brand (because you are somehow related to that problem).” as Si Quan Ong mentions.

The Lead Pool Marketing Funnel is much more efficient.

The neck of the funnel isn’t too wide and the capture rate at the bottom is far higher.

Rather than an attempt to throw a net over the entire market (and watch them swim out through the holes), we start by building an interested community first.

This is pole-and-line fishing in comparison to a trawler net. Your Lead Pool is an invitation-only community, full of useful peers and contacts and valuable content such as events and reports.


The Five Cs of Lead Pool Marketing

In essence, your Lead Pool community-based marketing is an invitation-only group of highly targeted individuals: HR services buyers.

As part of your Lead Pool, you will be the first vendor they think of, having built a significant level of trust and familiarity with your brand and key team members.

This journey from community to customer follows our Five Cs approach:


5Cs of  Lead Pool


Lead Pool Community


We build a community around your brand that provides valuable insights, learning, and networking between decision-making executives who share common interests and who support each other to achieve their business goals. 

Here you will be able to identify potential clients who are ready to buy and those that can be nurtured over a longer timeframe.


Lead Pool Connections



Then we connect with your community through online and offline platforms, content, and activities.

Connecting means forging relations, engaging with the executives at every touchpoint of their journey, and maintaining your network.


Lead Pool Conversations



You will be able to maintain better conversations with customers by sharing content that adds value and makes their life easier.

Good content is a service that you are offering for free to build trust towards your brand.

This is also a great opportunity to spot changes in the market and detect the aspects of your brand that can be strengthened.


Lead Pool Conversion


Community starts to convert into genuine leads for your brand offering. By leveraging intent data we can provide your business with a list of highly qualified leads that you can then send to your sales team.

Organizations that nurture their leads experience a 45% lift in lead generation ROI over those that do not.


Lead Pool Customer


You have guided the decision-makers through all the steps to successfully choose the right partner: your business.

According to a survey by Demand Generation, 87% of buyers said that they chose solution providers who offered ample content to help them through each stage of the decision-making process.


A Revolutionary Approach to HR Marketing

One of the main pain points for HR Tech Buyers is finding a vendor they can trust.

By managing relations with clients and building trust in the Lead Pool, it is likely to become their trusted vendor of choice.

Lead Pool Marketing is a client community, sharing valuable content, building familiarity and trust, and ultimately showcasing your solutions.

Your Lead Pool community will arrive intrigued by the concept, but they will stay for the highly relevant content and support.

They can use this community-based marketing concept to their advantage, find business opportunities, instigate discussions, and spot trends amongst peers and coming business needs.

In essence, it is an exclusive executives club centered around your brand. We build it for you, we supply the tools, provide relevant content and manage the community.

After all, communities are there to help and support each other, leading to trusted recommendations: that’s the Lead Pool Approach.


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