Why Brands Need to Apply Specific Strategies to Content to Make it Meaningful

To stand out, brands need to be meaningful. Maybe in 2018 that doesn’t come as a surprise to advertising and marketing professionals, however, what may be surprising is the number of brands that remain irrelevant.

Recent data from the 2018 Meaningful Brands study shows that people wouldn’t care if 87 percent of brands disappeared. Despite the constant effort from brands to create engaging experiences, there’s simply too little value for people in their current exchanges with brands.

That’s not encouraging.

What is encouraging is that people expect more from brands. Research shows that an overwhelming majority of consumers believe that companies and brands should play a role in improving quality of life and well-being. That’s a major opportunity for advertisers.

People too often feel that brands aren’t meeting their expectations. It turns out that one of the most effective ways to create connections and provide value is content—culturally relevant content. Culturally relevant content engages and excites. People find value in brand messaging when it aligns with their personal beliefs, needs and motives. And through content that’s relevant, brands can build trust.

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Source: Newscred

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