What Makes a Good ‘Call to Action’ in B2B Content Marketing?

In marketing, a good ‘call to action’ – which elicits the desired response from our reader or viewer – can elevate content from merely insightful to truly valuable.

There’s psychology at play here. Testing tells us that ‘learn more’ is not an especially persuasive call to action (CTA), while ‘get your free guide to corporation tax planning’ is. Specificity and relevance matter, as much as the action itself: ‘learning’ is passive, while ‘getting’ is active.

But, while it’s easy to get hung up on the semantics, the golden rule is this: when producing any content for marketing, we’re not selling the product, we’re selling the next action.

To better understand this, you have to imagine your customer’s journey as a series of stages, with your goal being to move them from stage to stage as fast as possible. Strategically created content is your tool for moving a future customer along that buyer journey which starts by raising awareness of pain points, through to alleviating fears, to helping them prepare to change and guiding them through the deployment process, and well beyond the honeymoon period.

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Source: Business2Community

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