The Multicultural Communications Challenge—Creativity And Media Integration Is More Important Than Ever

Building a multicultural plan that genuinely integrates the creative and the media disciplines is one of the biggest challenges in today’s multicultural space.

Why is this such a challenge? Mostly because there’s still a significant gap in the way brands approach the multicultural opportunity. This article wants to shed light on this problem and suggest a few scenarios to overcome these barriers.

First, it’s important to recognize that the multicultural marketing industry faces the same consequences the overall market has been facing for the past decades, since the industry moved towards a separation between the creative and the media planning and buying disciplines, at both the agency and client’s sides.

While this decision drove a significant amount of specialization and resources that made media agencies more accountable for their clients’ investments, this move also helped the market to “forget” that the true effectiveness of a communications plan is a function of the combined effect of an efficient media plan and a persuasive creative idea. In other words, when media and messaging work together, complementing each other.

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Source: Forbes

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