Report: Customers are more loyal to companies that are transparent on social media

A majority of consumers are demanding transparency from businesses, according to a recent report from social media company Sprout Social.

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Consumers love personalized offers, but only if they opt in

Everyone likes to feel special, even if that recognition comes in the form of exclusive retail offers.

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Social media management platforms? 18 leading vendors for you

Need help with social media management? Learn what to look for.

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What Are You Doing Wrong and Right on Social?

The question has long flummoxed social media marketers—what do “likes” actually mean? The answer to social media’s return on investment and what works and what doesn’t remains elusive.

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7 Characteristics Of Content That Drives Brand Awareness

Share it while it's hot: 7 secrets to shareable content

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Fuel Social Marketing With User Generated Content

Curation, cultivation and permission are the core of a strong social content plan.

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