Ex-SNL Writer Reveals How to Spend 5 Minutes a Day to Improve Storytelling

Want to get more creative in your marketing, especially your storytelling? Spend five minutes a day doing something that masters of improv do: Play with words.

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How Social Platforms Are Using Video to Capture Audience Attention

Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter want a piece of the digital video advertising pie.

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Storymaking How To Shape The Stories That People Share About Brands

A great deal has been written about storymaking, a neologism used to describe the co-authorship of a brand’s narrative that consumers and marketers now share, particularly through user-generated content and social postings.

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How Will AI Affect Marketing Efforts?

Improvements in efficiency and personalization are expected.

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Higher Education: How to Raise Your Content Marketing Game

Higher education marketers face an interesting dilemma – in many scenarios, the person who writes the check won’t ever use their services.

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The Nine Traits of Highly Effective CMOs

Blame it on the pace of change: A new study cited by the Wall Street Journal shows the average tenure of a chief marketing officer of a major brand is only 42 months — shorter than the typical life span of a goldfish. In fact, the field is changing so rapidly that many simply find it tough to keep up.

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People-based measurement is the new black

Ad tech and CRM are converging, and columnist Jordan Elkind believes the need for people-based measurement has never been greater.

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The expanding role of design in creating an end-to-end customer experience

Lines between products, services, and user environments are blurring. The ability to craft an integrated customer experience will open enormous opportunities to build new businesses.

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Emotion Drives Experience At Each Stage Of The Customer Journey

It all starts by knowing what your customers expect and giving it to them. It is not more complicated than that.

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What Grade Do Marketers Give Their Personalization Efforts?

Are marketers pleased with how they are personalizing their email, Web, and mobile marketing efforts? What grade do they give themselves?

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