3 scenarios for marketing with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to shake up marketing.In Q1 of a new year, it’s a great time to look ahead to trends that will define the future of an industry.

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Marketers Remain Confused About New Messaging Tools

Less than half feel they know how to use these tools to engage with customers.

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The Essentials You Need to Know to Set up an Effective Remarketing Campaign

Find out how to set up a remarketing campaign in your Google AdWords account so you can reach out again to every person who visits your website, long after they've left.

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7 Predictions About The Future Of Advertising

As the landscape continues to change, advertisers that don’t follow suit risk getting left behind.

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What airlines can learn from smart marketers about the customer experience

The airline industry has been hit with some highly public complaints over the past few months. Columnist Evan Magliocca discusses how airlines are lagging in the customer experience and what they -- and any brand -- can do to put customers first.

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Your 2018 Marketing Plan Won't Work and Will Break the Law: The Threat Posed by GDPR

Marketing departments may not realize the seismic impact a new regulation will have on their plans for 2018.

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How to build an audience of consumers in today’s highly competitive environment

Amid the super saturated digital advertising space, how can your brand break through? Contributor Peter Minnium explains how building an audience will give you a competitive advantage.

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Here’s why GDPR can drive the attitude shift that modern marketing needs


After Equifax and countless other user data scandals, brands outside as well as inside the EU may be crossing their Rubicon.

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A brief history of customer loyalty

From the early days of 18th century loyalty programs, techniques to improve customer loyalty have considerably evolved. Contributor Shawn Gold takes a look at the next iteration and how it can benefit your brand this holiday season.

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What Social Trends Are Marketers Paying Attention To?

Social media is providing marketers with an ever-growing litany of media options beyond just display advertising. But which are the most important?

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