Unified Marketing Framework—When To Use Which Tactic

A colleague made a simple observation yesterday that many marketers are “spending lots of money on reaching potential customers, but very little to nothing on engaging with them.” It’s like they spend a ton of money to generate awareness, but when potential customers arrive on their sites or social media channels, there’s little to nothing there. So they leave disappointed, often to the long-term detriment of the advertiser. This is so true. It has been this way over the years, but never more so than now. I have observed the same phenomena over the last two decades doing digital strategy consulting for marketers and also teaching digital marketing.

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AI Is Revolutionizing Marketing Like Never Before: 6 Ways This Is Happening Right Now

Definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI): Intelligence exhibited by machines. AI is the study of intelligent agents, which can study their environment, and take action which helps them optimally achieve their goals, in the shortest possible time. 

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AI Opportunities to Solve Digital Marketing Challenges

The term artificial intelligence (AI) may bring to mind scenes from a sci-fi movie, but in reality it’s already transforming many industries, including marketing. AI is gaining widespread traction as a way to solve seemingly impossible problems and accomplish tasks that previously could only be achieved with great effort, time and resources. In a marketing context, AI has the potential to make marketers better at what we’ve been hired to do. Here are five common challenges marketers face today and how AI can help.

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How AI is Enhancing Advertising Innovation

Artificial intelligence is being deployed far and wide in marketing and advertising.

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How AI Is Changing Sales

Companies are using AI in all kinds of innovative ways to advance their businesses.

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Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Manual Content Creation?

There are only a few industries in which automation isn’t threatening some job roles. That’s a pretty scary thought, right? Well, don’t panic just yet.

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Machine learning is marketing’s future

When you hear “artificial intelligence” or “machine learning,” what comes to mind? A complicated technology that demands deep domain experience or a degree to use?

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