Six rules for innovative storytelling

Consumers are bombarded with content all day long. But what sets successful content marketing apart is the thoughtful and meaningful content that actually makes up the storyline.

The rise and continued adoption of emerging technologies has completely transformed how consumers expect to receive content and how brands are pushing it out. With more technology and formats available now than ever before, it’s critical that brands not only consider the latest formats and mediums to present content, but to also remember that truly effective content marketing is fundamentally about the content itself.

Here are six tips for innovative storytelling in marketing:

1. Lead with the story first

VR, AR and 360 video are all great tools to have in the storytelling toolkit. Consumers are more familiar with VR technologies than ever before. In fact, 60 percent of users in a study have experienced 360-degree video, and over 60 percent are interested in seeing 360-degree video ad formats. Some 52 percent of users have experienced VR, and 55 percent are interested in VR advertising. With that said, while emerging technologies allow marketers to tell stories to modern audiences and connect people to issues they care about, it’s important to focus first on the target audience and what you’re trying to communicate before making the leap to using these tools. Once the focus is nailed down these technologies can then be used with purpose. A beautifully put together 360 video with a flat storyline won’t do a brand any favors in the long run.

2. Create Content with Meaning

2017 was a tough year to say the least from natural disasters to man-made ones and now more than ever consumers don’t want to see fluffy content in a virtual world. They want a virtual reality experience that’s meaningful and true to their core values.

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Source: Chief Marketing


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