Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Manual Content Creation?

There are only a few industries in which automation isn’t threatening some job roles. That’s a pretty scary thought, right? Well, don’t panic just yet.

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Build a High-Performance Content Marketing Supply Chain

Four steps will help you build a regular supply of content.

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Data and Analytics Empower Modern Marketers

Marketing leaders are delivering business growth through data and analytics and a customer-centric mindset.

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Why and how entities are shaping location marketing

What are entities, and how are they impacting local search marketing? Columnist Adam Dorfman tackles these questions and provides advice to local businesses looking to capitalize on this trend.

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The new battleground for marketing-led growth

In the digital age, consumers are always shopping around. New research shows that hooking them early is the strongest path to growth.

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Machine learning is marketing’s future

When you hear “artificial intelligence” or “machine learning,” what comes to mind? A complicated technology that demands deep domain experience or a degree to use?

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The business case to merge sales & marketing ops

Columnist Scott Vaughan makes the case for why an 'ops' merger is a beautiful marriage that will delight both your customers and your executive team.

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How Agile Encourages Sales and Marketing Collaboration

Anyone who has been caught in the cross-hairs of a sales vs. marketing skirmish won’t contest its place on a list of the greatest rivalries of all time.  In one corner we have sales, a group whose livelihood depends on the commissions they’ll earn by selling to individual customers in the immediate future.

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B2B Marketers: Wrong Way to Make the Right Impression on Your Prospects

Jumping on your prospects, especially those that have directly engaged with your long-form content, is a desperate move that lacks finesse. Learn how to make the right impression...

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Why machine learning is critical to multi-touch attribution

Columnist Alison Lohse notes that in today's complex marketing atmosphere, marketers need tools that can quickly and accurately make sense of myriad and disparate data -- and machine learning does just that.

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