How to Create High-Converting Content

There are many ways to improve your content marketing, and double or even triple your conversion rates.

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What Grade Do Marketers Give Their Personalization Efforts?

Are marketers pleased with how they are personalizing their email, Web, and mobile marketing efforts? What grade do they give themselves?

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What does it mean to ‘be bold for change?’

At a recent Janes of Digital event, contributor Yael Baifus comes away with a new understanding of being bold for change and explains how you can apply it to your own digital marketing career.

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How Brands Are Using Influencer Content

Most companies that pay influencers to create content also repurpose those pieces for their own brand channels, according to recent research from Linqia.

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Insurance Content Marketing: How to Create Exceptional Content in a “Boring” Industry

For some brands, defining a content marketing editorial strategy can be challenging.

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How to market your brand using interactive native content

Have you tapped into the power of interactive native content? If the idea is still new to you, take a look at contributor Jane Loring's unique, interactive foray into the opportunities it can offer for your marketing campaigns.

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How CMOs Can Avoid Getting Burned By Bad Tech

Technology has been transforming every aspect of our working and personal lives. Now we find ourselves entering a new pace of change that requires us not only to react but also fundamentally change the way we operate. Whether we like it or not, it’s huge, scary, and unavoidable.

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7 Characteristics Of Content That Drives Brand Awareness

Share it while it's hot: 7 secrets to shareable content

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How Marketers Evaluate Technology Solutions

Use structured evaluation criteria to assess marketing technology choices.

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Adaptive marketing: The key to winning in the Engagement Economy

Today's consumers demand personalized and authentic experiences on their preferred channels, in ways that matter to them. Columnist Chandar Pattabhiram explains how marketers can adapt to these consumer needs to win their loyalty.

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