How User-Generated Content and Customer Feedback Can Strengthen Your Value Proposition

Contributor Jim Williams says it's time to really listen to your customers’ words and understand the experience they expect you to deliver.

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How Can Larger Companies Optimize Their Content Strategy?

Insights from an interview with Kelly Turner, content strategist at AT&T

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Three Reasons for Including Whitepapers in Your Content Strategy

Some 63% of B2Bs have ranked whitepapers to be more effective than videos, e-newsletters, blogs, infographics, etc. But are whitepapers really that effective?

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How to Measure Performance to Improve Your Content Marketing

If you are struggling to generate an effective content marketing plan, one that uses measurement and analytics to drive optimization and conversion, you are not alone.

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Content: The H2O of Marketing

Learn how marketers create and manage a brand's most essential resource

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Tips For Exploiting High Growth Markets With Content Strategy

Expansion into new markets means a great deal of research and preparation.

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What Marketers Can Learn From the 50 Fastest-Growing B2B Companies

The 50 fastest-growing B2B companies are investing in blogs, downloadable content, and live chat, according to a recent report from Drift and Mattermark.

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How to Create a Culture Where Content Marketing Thrives

Insights from what was once small pilot project that grown into a multi-award-winning publication and is influencing the entire organization to think differently about content.

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How Digital Asset Management Can Make a Big Impact on Your Content Marketing

Learn more about Digital Asset Management (DAM), one of the hottest subjects in content marketing this year.

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The Most Effective Digital Lead Generation Channels

45% of respondents say content marketing is one of the most effective tactics.

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