New Research: Marketers Shift Their ABM Strategies For Revenue Generation & Account Retention

With the pandemic forcing people to socially distance, many B2B organizations are relying on ABM plays to engage their audiences in our “new normal.” ABM has become common practice to fuel revenue generation and account retention.

Terminus recently released its 2020 State of ABM Report, which chronicles the rapid adoption of ABM and highlights the shift from lead to revenue generation. The report revealed that many companies have entered the world of account-based marketing with pilot programs, aiming to improve their lead generation and revenue strategies. Simultaneously, it explores how marketers with mature ABM programs retain their accounts and grow their revenue in 2020.

Justin Keller, VP of Marketing at Terminus, explained that 2020 was a turning point for ABM, as it went from an option for reaching target accounts to an absolute necessity. Both new and veteran ABM practitioners have an opportunity to stay afloat and expand their account outreach, and the report revealed that a majority of marketers have done just that in 2020.

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Source: ABM in Action

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