How to set the content marketing world on fire.

As a copywriter and content marketer that has been fortunate to work with some pretty stellar startups, I’ve seen first-hand (and admittedly at times by my own hand) what works and what doesn’t in the content marketing world.

For the past decade, most everyone has won when it has come to content marketing — primarily because the path to victory has been crystal clear — quantity over quality. Blast enough content at your target market and eventually you’ll strengthen your website’s SEO, build your email list, raise awareness and drive sales.

However, this strategy is dying. In fact, I would argue that it’s probably already dead. With more brands than ever before now competing for customer’s attention (whilst spewing out endless amounts of content), there seems to be an absurd amount of noise — very little of which is worth listening to.

Just think about how many posts you scroll past on sites like Medium, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to finally stop for a moment and stare at a piece of epic content you can appreciate. Your inability to end your own mindless scrolling serves as proof that it’s nearly impossible to stop thumbs nowadays.

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Source: Art+Marketing

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