How to Capture Captive Audiences With Content

Explore how your brand can use content to engage your captive audiences.

Imagine having your audience tied to your content with an 8-foot rubber hose for five minutes on a regular basis.

“We’ve got this very, very captive audience – and they’re bored – there’s really no super magic. When people pump gas they have nothing to do,” David Leader, then CEO of Gas Station TV, told NPR a few years ago.

Gas Station TV reaches millions of consumers with its content – a mix of entertainment, news, sports – and advertising. Yes, Gas Station TV is an innovative media company. But it’s a great example of how gas stations are using relevant content delivered in an unexpected way to engage their captive audiences.

People do a lot of waiting – for an appointment, for food to arrive at the restaurant, for a conference presentation to begin. Add in people who are captive while performing mundane activities like pumping gas or clicking on Wi-Fi agreements at the coffee shop, and the captive audience potential grows exponentially.

If your brand has a captive audience scenario – or access to such an audience – why not explore some nontraditional content opportunities to connect?

Why pursue a captive audience?

Marketers are challenged to balance all the variables their target audiences require. Following Scott Abel’s seven “rights” for an excellent customer relationship with your content as shared at the Intelligent Content Conference a few years ago, content creators must aim for:

  • The right person (to get)
  • The right content
  • At the right place
  • At the right time
  • In the right format
  • In the right language
  • On the right device

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Source: Content Marketing Institute

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