How much should B2B companies invest in digital marketing?

What should your marketing budget look like if you're a business-to-business company? Columnist Dale Hursh answers this age-old question based on recent trends and data

It is not hard to find information regarding digital marketing budgets. Many papers and articles discuss what percentage of your overall marketing budget should be devoted to digital and, as you might expect, opinions vary greatly.

Most of the published data is oriented toward consumer-oriented businesses. In this article, I will provide a framework to help B2B marketers determine their optimal spend on digital.

The big picture
The clear trend is that digital marketing continues to grow as a percentage of overall marketing spend. In fact, eMarketer predicts that digital will account for nearly 45 percent of media ad spend by 2020.

Mobile is accelerating
It cannot be overstated how much mobile will continue to grow and eventually dominate as the primary digital interface we use. The most recent CMO Survey predicts that marketing spend on mobile will increase by 118 percent in three years, in response to usage trends.

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Source: Marketing Land

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