How  ‘false positive’ personality types disrupt B2B intent data

There is no argument that when a B2B buyer begins their journey, they start online. All the research and data points are right: the journey starts with search, and oftentimes with a solution or vendor in mind. Do you know what else B2B buyers do? They search for information even when they’re not in a buying cycle, which is a problem because most tools don’t know the difference. Here’s what you need to keep in mind. 

If your organization is in the advisory or information services industry or is considered to be a thought leader in the industry, congratulations – the majority of the people consuming your content are not buyers but fans.

The expensive intent data you’re buying and the retargeting campaigns you’re running are going to waste because they’re tracking engagement – not real intent. To get to intent, you must first understand the audience’s motivations.

In particular, there are two segments of your audience who actively search and use content but neither do so as part of a buying journey – and if they are, they’re planning to make things difficult. Take for example the following two scenarios:

1. The false positive ‘C-level’
Nothing will set off the bells of a lead nurturing program like a C-level hitting your content. A senior executive ‘seeker/sharer‘ personality type is constantly scanning the horizons in search of new insights.

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Source: The Drum

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