Content Definition: What Are We Even Talking About?

How do you define content? Does everyone on your team agree with your definition? Do the people on other teams define content the same way?

Sure, there’s a dictionary definition for content (in fact, multiple definitions for multiple usages). A Wikipedia entry offers two slightly different definitions in its first two sentences.

This question of how to define content came up in the Content Marketing Institute LinkedIn group a few weeks ago. It pops up in Twitter chats and conversations fairly regularly. And there’s a healthy search volume around related phrases.

If definitions exist, why does this question keep coming up?

Is the definition of content simply information?
Plenty of people have explored what’s meant when people talk about content as it’s used in businesses and other organizations.

Michael Brenner teased out the differences between content and content marketing in an article so popular we’ve run it a few times. To paraphrase, Michael says “content” is typically produced because someone in the organization asked for it, while “content” paired with “marketing” is what the audience wants.

It’s an important distinction, but it’s not quite a definition.

In 2013, the TopRank Marketing community offered definitions. In its resulting post, CMI founder Joe Pulizzi said content is “compelling information that informs, engages, or amuses.”

Simple enough. Content is information that provides a benefit to the person who consumes it.

Other definitions in the round-up article echoed Joe’s with nuances.

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Source: Content Marketing Institute

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