Content Creators: 12 Tips to Help You Win Over Impatient Readers

Everyone loves a good story but, online, it's no secret that most of us read only the headlines.

Only 17 years ago, in 2000, the average attention span was recorded at 12 seconds. Now, it sits at less than that of a goldfish—at around eight seconds.

Is technology to blame for our decreasing ability to concentrate? Yes, most likely. But we're not simply just bored... we're also impatient.

Everyone loves a good story but, online, it's no secret that most of us read only the headlines. So much so, that eight out of ten of us don't even get past the first sentence; and, if we do, half of us won't finish reading the content.

So why don't we scroll down?

Quick and easy access to content online is something we're all guilty of taking for granted. If we can't have it all right now, why should we bother, right?

The volume of information available to us online, combined with the way we consume content, plays a major role in why we've become impatient readers; having countless articles, blogs and guides online at our fingerprints has led to generations of readers who constantly switch between content.

For content creators, in particular, this new approach to reading has created a new set of challenges.

These 12 tips will help you win over impatient readers

If you're looking for ways to encourage impatient readers to engage with your content, take a look at these top tips.

1. Focus on your headline

Headlines should be attention-grabbing, but they should also accurately describe what readers can expect from the content. You don't want to mislead your audience.

Think about the length of your headline, too; a long one is less likely to entice readers, but a short one may not offer enough detail.

2. Keep introductions short, engaging, and on point

If your introduction doesn't capture your audience's attention, they won't feel inclined to read to the end of your content. What interesting facts or new knowledge can your readers expect to learn from reading your content? Use your introduction to show readers that your content is valuable and thought-provoking.

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