Storymaking How To Shape The Stories That People Share About Brands

A great deal has been written about storymaking, a neologism used to describe the co-authorship of a brand’s narrative that consumers and marketers now share, particularly through user-generated content and social postings.

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For Many Marketers, Email Is Still King

Channel remains popular because of its reach and steady performance.

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Why choosing a niche helps you produce better content

Don't create content that tries to serve everyone. Columnist Rachel Lindteigen explains why specializing in one area will help you stand out from the crowd and deliver more value to your audience.

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How to Build a Remarkable 21st Century Brand

Economic disruptions produced by the ongoing technological revolution, rising uncertainty in global markets, and crises of complexity generated by social media all make this an exceptionally challenging time for organizations seeking to create or refine their brand identities.

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The Art of the Cart: How Retail Brands Can Cash in on Content Marketing

Some top content opportunities marketers in retail sector should be exploring to remain competitive in the face of the great Amazonian conqueror.

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For Some Marketers, Digital Transformation Is Still in the Early Stages

Many have yet to clearly define their digital marketing strategy

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The Five Pillars of a Solid Digital Marketing Strategy That Endures

Though every organization will need to customize its strategy to its own circumstances, the following are the foundations for building an enduring digital marketing strategy that works.

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