Next-Gen Influencer Marketing

How modern brands are leveraging the power of digital influencers to create content and cultivate new audiences.

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The impact of intermediaries: How brands can close the gap between themselves and consumers

As millennials and Gen Z shoppers shape the future of retail, contributor Davor Sutija explains why brands need to embrace technologies that will help them keep pace and bridge the digital gap.

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Is brand awareness easier when you’re big?

Do big companies have an advantage over small ones for brand awareness because they have bigger marketing budgets?

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How Will AI Affect Marketing Efforts?

Improvements in efficiency and personalization are expected.

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Gartner Predicts 2017: Marketers, Expect the Unexpected

Five technology shifts will catalyze transitions in marketing strategies and organizations by 2020.

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How to Use Screenwriting Techniques for Content Marketing

We often refer to content marketing as storytelling, but Clay Hausmann, Chief Marketing Officer of Aktana and Founder and Principal of marketing consultancy treatment., takes that concept one step further.

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7 Content Types That Will Increase Leads and Conversions

Various content methods generate leads. Visual and interactive content, in particular, can increase not only clickthrough rates (CTR) but also conversion rates for many marketing campaigns, whether email signups, clicks on links, or sales of your product.

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Adapting to the Future of Work

CMOs can take a proactive approach to preparing the workforce for the tremendous technology-enabled changes required to compete in the years ahead.

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The Value of Mission-Driven Content Marketing

Standing out in our content marketing efforts is an increasingly difficult task in a world saturated with ads, videos, blogs, campaigns, and images.

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How to Create Personas and Map Content to the Buyer Journey

Content starts and sustains conversations with customers. But in order to have a meaningful dialogue, you need to know to whom you’re speaking.“Developing buyer personas” is what marketers call the process of figuring that out. 

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