AI Is Revolutionizing Marketing Like Never Before: 6 Ways This Is Happening Right Now

Definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI): Intelligence exhibited by machines. AI is the study of intelligent agents, which can study their environment, and take action which helps them optimally achieve their goals, in the shortest possible time. 

Definition of Marketing: A generous, strategical, and tactical act that helps your customer solve a problem. A field of study which takes into account consumer behavior, product engineering, and communication mediums. 

1. Understanding Customers Like Never Before
Marketing is all about leveraging technology to understand the customers, and solving their problems. Once that happens, then relationships are formed, which translates to business transactions.

Since AI is an advanced technology, it can assist marketers in understanding their customers in a better, sophisticated way. As we observed in the above example, the t-shirt brand used AI capabilities to know where Robert was, offered a deal which he couldn’t refuse, and did this in real-time for the best results.

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