AI Applications That Are Changing the Face of Content Marketing

And now that AI is coming to content marketing, the industry is poised for disruption.

It’s been a subtle shift, but artificial intelligence (AI) has begun to permeate our everyday lives, automating more and more of the world around us. AI now powers Google Maps, Siri, smart cars, internet radio, and your favorite online shops.

And now that AI is coming to content marketing, the industry is poised for disruption.

AI has the power to optimize nearly all our projects and processes, augmenting human skill and creativity to generate ever more relevant, appealing, and effective content for any audience. Beyond marketing, the technology also has the potential to bolster and streamline sales, customer service, and operations efforts while improving productivity and performance.

Some fear the machine’s potential to replace (wo)man. But it’s human creativity paired with the power of AI that has truly revolutionary potential when it comes to understanding users and data while scaling content and engagement rates. And industry leaders have taken notice.

According to the 2017 Economist Intelligence Unit report, which surveyed more than 200 global business executives, 75 percent said they would implement AI in their companies within the next three years. Seventy-nine percent believed AI will make their jobs easier and more efficient. By 2025, the artificial intelligence market is set to surpass $100 billion.

Will your business be investing? Read on to discover the AI systems and technologies that have already begun to revolutionize the content marketing industry.

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