How We Do Account-Based Marketing at Scale

I’ve been running ABM teams for some time and find it incredibly satisfying. To me, it is almost like a play. There is a good amount of preparation and planning with many individuals and teams that manage to pull off a unified campaign, and – when done right – the results are incredible.

Like most companies, our team at Adobe executes ABM campaigns to larger companies where our deal sizes are a bit bigger and the sales cycles are a bit longer. Because of the bigger deal sizes and longer sales cycle, we have found that a focused, ABM approach leads to better performance of our marketing department. Now, I’d like to give back by sharing a glimpse into Adobe’s ABM strategy and how our teams execute some of the top-performing marketing.

Step 1: Align on what accounts matter

We spend a considerable amount of time aligning on what accounts we should be targeting with marketing and outbound efforts. There are a few factors that could be its own blog post, such as company-wide initiatives to move into a new market (industry, region) but at its core, here’s how we align on accounts. 

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Source: Harvard Business Review

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