7 Characteristics Of Content That Drives Brand Awareness

Share it while it's hot: 7 secrets to shareable content

Interesting content that gets shared by the users of social media and other platforms is the holy grail for every online marketer because it attracts attention, raises awareness, and builds a reputation. To produce such content, marketers and other professionals need to tap a little bit further into human psychology. Do not worry, though, this will be a fun journey with a great reward for your business.

We have compiled a list of secrets that will allow you to get your content shared more and increase your knowledge about online behavior. Let’s start.

1. Practical Value

According to the 2014 study 'Top 20: Brands with the most Loyal Fans', companies who were presented in social media platforms shared some common characteristics of their posts that made them popular among their followers.

For example, Ziploc, which is a food brand, often posted the recipes of various dishes for different holidays, and the viewers were apparently thankful for getting new exciting recipes for their holiday table.

Next, a brand called Medela, which delivers breastfeeding products, shared photos of cute babies being breastfed along with useful information for mothers that need to breastfeed. Therefore, users appreciated the usefulness of the posts and were happy to follow the brands that posted them.

2. Entertainment

Social media has been long used for entertainment purposes and they got really good at it. According to Social Media Today, a study carried out by the Hollywood Reporter concluded that nearly 90% of participants viewed sites like Facebook and Twitter as an innovative form of entertainment. Specifically, people used them for watching media clips, reading interesting articles, communicating with friends, and many other things. The media part is totally expected because social media platforms continue to incorporate more media capabilities. Given that social media’s entertaining value increases every day, considering it when posting information is a really good idea for online marketers.

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