5 Content Marketing Tips for the Performance Era of Marketing

The consumer decision journey is complex, with multiple online and offline channels where people interact with your brand. How can you create a strategy that connects the dots – and measure its effectiveness?

Below are a few content marketing tips and tactics that will help you succeed in the performance era of marketing.

1. Ensure you’re set up to measure performance.

Think about that old saying: “If a tree falls in the woods and no one was there to hear it, did it really happen?” The same adage applies to content marketing measurement. If you’re not properly set up to track how your audience is engaging with your content, where they came from, or, more importantly, what’s driving them to convert, it’s going to be difficult to report on KPIs that prove the value of your program.

Start by making sure you have website analytics in place to track actions and conversions. In order to execute a truly actionable content marketing measurement plan, it’s critical that you integrate your marketing automation and CRM platforms (Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce). These tools are critical for running effective lead generation campaigns and truly understanding and activating your audience. Once your measurement systems are in place, you’ll be able to attribute your efforts to real business results and ultimately quantify the impact of your program.

2. Embrace that content is foundational.

The days of marketers cranking out display creative and “spray and pray” advertising campaigns are behind us. Owned content is the bedrock of many successful digital marketing programs. It’s the foundation for every interaction you have with your audience. Content powers discovery; it’s how people find you via Google search, voice search, and social media. Content can also fuel your native and social ads: Instead of targeting your audience with promotions and the hard sell, leverage engaging original content to reach your customer throughout their journey – and not as an interruption.

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Source: NewsCred Insights

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