How the C-suite benefits from a strategic marketing operations function

Need ammunition to win budget and staffing for a strategic marketing operations team? Contributor Debbie Qaqish offers a long list of benefits.

As the marketing operations (MO) function continues to mature and extend influence into every part of the organization, it is time to review how key stakeholders benefit from the MO function. More specifically, I’d like to examine the benefits of a strategic marketing operations function.

The charter for a regular marketing operations group is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing in people, processes, technologies and data to achieve stated goals. This type of organization serves a core function for marketing, but it typically reacts to a strategy set elsewhere, rather than setting it. The strategic MO function is characterized by leadership, vision, cross-functional value-creation and transformation through operations.

The strategic MO group runs marketing like a business. Much more than button-pushers and techies, a strategic MO function is instrumental in transforming marketing into a revenue and growth engine for a company. As this change occurs, benefits accrue to the CMO, the CFO, the sales organization and the executive team. Let me explain.

The value of the marketing operations function to the CMO

  • Deliver on financial goals and ROI.
  • Run marketing like a business.

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